On Easter and Salvation Cake

My Easter thoughts are circling around the day before yesterday. Because it’s really aaaaallllll about Good Friday.

Yeahyeahyeah, life, hope and the eternal salvation of mankind. Fulfillment of the prophesies. It’s beautiful, glorious, and inspirational. Palatable to the very young, plus deviled eggs.

I’m not criticizing, I promise. Hear me out.

It’s the difference between recipe and cake. I love cake. Having cake requires certain ingredients, actions, environmental criteria. I can’t just POOF have cake. Shit has to happen first.

Good Friday is the story of how to make Salvation Cake, Christian-style. It isn’t about the suffering, the pain or the sword in the side.

It’s about an entity named GOD, who adores Creation (and not just people, but that’s for another time) so much, and is so willing to demonstrate love for Creation, that a part of that Being, separate yet whole, became wholly human and wholly GOD, lived amongst people and Creation in peace, love and wisdom, acting and teaching in accordance with love as a parent for the child. Jesus Christ is the name for GOD as a mortal human.

Some of this being’s children felt their moral authority crumbling and turned on Jesus Christ. When confronted by these children, armed with unjust laws, iron, and the mob, rather than struggle, Christ bowed his head, and even as the sky darkened with the anger and outrage coursing through those human veins, the conversation was thus:

Forgive them.

This is our proper focus; not the cake, but the path we take to get there, which is to love so completely that you cannot allow yourself to strike out, even when anger rages.

Even when they put your hand to the wood and strike the nail.

Today is the day we celebrate the Cake to Come, but tomorrow we need to get back to Good Friday.

If we act like we already have cake, we will never have cake.

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